Goal: $8,000

Raised: $8,000

Since April 12, 2022 Mykolayiv city has been without drinking water. The pipe that city used as the main source of clean water was bombed by Russia. It couldn’t be fixed because of ongoing battles, and Kherson, where the water used to come from, was occupied by Russians.


Mykolayiv had a population of about 500,000 before the war. About 50% of civilians fled the city, but 250,000 remained, all of them without access to potable water. No water to drink, to cook or even to give to pets.


In April five amazing humans from Odessa have organized bottled water delivery to Mykolayiv. It started with just one van, then there were two. Eventually they had a big team of volunteers and 4 trucks that held 120-150 tons of water each. They loaded them with water and drove them every Friday from Odessa to Mykolayiv. They needed funds to keep delivering the water, because sources of local funding were depleting fast. We raised $8,000, which covered 120 tons of water delivered to Mykolayiv. It allowed 7000 people to be able to drink for a week and a half.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations