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Ukraine Aid International Conference

Feb 24: All For Victory – Peremoga

On February 24th 2023, You Are The Angel, a New York based non-profit organization and our chapters in Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, and Fremont, CA conduct Ukraine Aid International Conference Feb 24: All For Victory – Peremoga to commemorate that tragic day, to honor Ukrainian heroes who lost their lives fighting and resisting Russian aggression, and to inspire all of us to continue this just and righteous fight until complete and unconditional victory – Peremoga of Ukraine.

Let’s Keep Moving Forward But Never Forget!


The Conference will bring together our volunteers, our ground partners, and our generous donors and its aim is to strengthen our community, to raise awareness about Angel’s and our ground partner’s hard work, and to continue raising more funds and accumulating more so necessary resources, so that we can help more people in need.

In the program:

  • Minute of Silence
  • Keynote and guest speakers’ presentation
  • You Are The Angel – A Year of Care Review
  • Real life stories from our ground partners in Ukraine
  • Meet our donors, community leaders, volunteers, and partners
  • Uniting Community – All for Peremoga

Event Start: 6PM PST / 9PM EST
Duration: 90 minutes
Format: online ZOOM conference
Attendance: Free by invite only with R.S.V.P.

Statement on Russian invasion: On February 24th 2022, Russian Federation led by corrupt Putin’s regime brutally and unprovokingly escalated its unjust war against Ukrainian people and their sovereign state, which began in 2014. With this invasion Moscow unleashed the biggest attack on a European state since World War Two which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, dozens destroyed cities, and forced millions of people to flee their homes while hundreds of thousands lost everything. It has caused Europe’s largest refugee and humanitarian crisis since World War II.  


Meet Our Guest Speakers:


Cindy Brower – Artist & Community Leader

Cindy Brower was born and raised in Arizona. Her mother was Canadian/Ukrainian, born in northern Manitoba to Ukrainian immigrants from Galicia. Cindy’s grandparents were part of the mass migration from Ukraine to Canada at the turn of the last century. Cindy is an artist and vinok (traditional headpiece made of weaved flowers) maker, who supports You Are the Angel fundraising through her crafts.


Mark Lieber – Volunteer

Meet our special guest speaker and one of our true heroes – Mark Lieber. A resident of Fountain Hills, Arizona Mark was shocked when he watched how Russia brutally invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year. Almost immediately Mark started planning how he would travel there to help. The consumer electronics company where Mark works as a project manager, and his fellow employees have been supportive of Lieber’s humanitarian effort. They made cash donations and even gave up their own vacation time for Lieber to use. And so on April 8th he flew to Budapest, Hungary and traveled from there to Ukraine by foot… Well, actually in a rental car and then by train across the border where he met some groups of international volunteers and joined their team. After Mark returned to the USA, he connected with You Are The Angel and became one of our most active and passionate supporters and volunteers. In September Mark made his second trip to Ukraine and on his way back home he brought from Ukraine three giant boxes containing a masterpiece costume “House with Chimaeras”, which was designed by Asya Kozina for the Metropolitan Fashion Week 2022 competition in Los Angeles. This beautiful art was the runner up winning second place. Mark helped to fundraise money for this trip and helped with so many other events, and fundraisers. His dedication and contributions to the cause are absolutely irreplaceable and invaluable.



About You Are The Angel: “A New York based non-profit organization Central Part Angels, Inc. DBA “You Are The Angel” was founded in 2017 to provide relief to people affected by disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti. Since February 2022 the organization has been focusing its humanitarian efforts exclusively on Ukraine.  It assembled a group of over 200 volunteers who are working around the clock in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania and the U.S. to provide shelter, food, basic medical supplies and psychosocial support to both the refugees fleeing Ukraine for safety and those who are unable to leave the country and are surviving the daily deprivation and brutality of war. “You Are the Angel” is a volunteer-led organization that has no administrative costs, which allows for 100% of donations to be spent on providing relief directly to the victims of the war in Ukraine.”


February 24
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm PSTw
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